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Web Design | Blog | Published On: October 3, 2016

Are You Looking For Website Design In Bournemouth? The UK Web Design Company Should Be Your First Choice.

If you are looking for someone to build your website and live in the town of Bournemouth you need to contact the UK Web Design Company. Lets arrange to have a chat. Tell us what type of website you would like designed. What type of market you would like to attract. How long we have to build your site.

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Informational Website

Who is it for?

Is it for a business that has a physical location. Or a business that offer products or services that can’t be sold online for some reason.

What is it for?

Do you have a business in Bournemouth and want to raise awareness. People in the Bournemouth area search the internet when looking for a business. If you don’t have a website how will they find your business online.

Do you want people in the Bournemouth area to learn more about your business and what you do. Why not give people an incentive to use your services / products (by adding a coupon or a testimonials page)

We Can Create Your Informational Website

We can custom design a theme for your information website. Show us a few examples of websites that you like and leave the rest to us.

Your Website Should Typically Include The Following:

Homepage – This is the most important page on your website. It should be clear from the text and images what your website is about. It should be welcoming and to the point.

Services / Products Page – A list of the services or service packages that your business provides.

About Us – This page will have information about you and your company. You could mention your goals and visions for the future. If you have a team of staff then we could add a team photo, giving your site a personal touch. It might also be a good idea to add photos of your business.

Testimonials Page – Optional. This can be a big boost for your business. Testimonials will tell visitors to your site what your service is like. Good testimonials gives readers the confidence to use your services.

Contact Us – Here you could have phone numbers. A Google map for directions. Email and physical address. This is where potential clients will find a way to contact you.

Our web developers are waiting to create your informational website.

eCommerce Website

Who would use an eCommerce website?

Someone that had something to sell online, nation or worldwide. You would use an eCommerce website, if you have something to sell. Advertise your item on your online store. People visit your store and make a purchase.

What is it good for?

Its for the person or company that wants a solution to sell online. No physical location / store required. You could create a powerful online store from your home and it could look like a big store website. The options are unlimited and could be a powerful online business.

How To Create An eCommerce Website?

The main reason in setting up an eCommerce website are to make a sale. The eCommerce software and design of the site should present an optimal user flow that is entirely geared towards making a purchase. The eCommerce website builder package that we use comes with all the features you need to create a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience: a product gallery,inventory and orders management, adding coupons functionality, taxes and shipping rules, etc.

Let us design an eCommerce website for you.

Portfolio Website

Who is it good for?

Its for anyone that wants to advertise themselves so to speak. Musicians, actors, photographers, artists, photographers, architects, freelancers etc.

What is it good for?

Having your own portfolio website is a way to showcase your work and talent. People can see exactly what you do and who you are. They can also get hold of you. Its a way you can advertise or market your skills.

How To Create A Portfolio Website?

A portfolio website is usually a lot smaller than eCommerce or an informational site and represents a single person and her or his work. It should have lots of information and pictures. The blog could be updated with all the latest events. You could also allow interested readers to keep updated by signing up and getting the latest news. Contact us to build your portfolio website.

Landing Page

Who is it good for?

A landing page is for capturing leads. They are designed to make you think you need to buy the product as its at a greatly reduced price and you are getting a bargain. Some can even start counting down saying only a few left making placing pressure on you to buy. Landing pages are usually for affiliate marketers, business owners who want to create marketing campaigns. You normally have to perform an action (leaving their contact details / making a purchase)

Online Resume

Who is it good for?

Its for people that need a text-based resume.

What is it good for?

Having an online resume set-up and up to date can be a real benefit. You can email it in seconds showing potential employers you’re organised and have an online resume. It can have all your latest achievements, photos of you and more. Its a great way to brag about yourself and what you have done.

How To Create An Online Resume?

Need help creating your online resume? Contact us and together we will work it out.


Who is it good for?

Who creates a blog? Anyone can have their own blog. Most websites also have a blog. In fact you are reading this article on our blog page.

What is it good for?

Adding fresh content to your website, posting information that is useful and relevant to them. Remember try keep on topic about what the website is about. A blog will strengthen your website and brand. Visitors can subscribe and every new post you make they will be notified, boosting your readership.

How To Create A Blog?

Starting a blog is easy. Contact us and we will set it all up for you. Once set up you won’t need any help from us. The website platform we use is very easy to use. No web design or coding knowledge required.

Thanks for reading our article on web design Bournemouth and remember if you in Bournemouth and looking for web design why not give us a call.